Corporate Card Balloting App on Microsoft Azure
(Microsoft IP Co-Sell PleoData Resource Management System)

Increase employee engagement by providing a fair balloting benefits system for Wildlife Reserves, ASA Cards and the likes. Given the frenetic pace of modern work-life, encourage family moments with such benefits.

[For Companies residing in Singapore Only]

Watch the Video here.

Software Features
  • Balloting

  • Allocation

  • Cancellations

  • Configurable Business Rules

    • Balloting Open Date 

    • Opening Time

    • Total Opening Days

    • Allow Withdrawal (X) Days before Closing Date

    • Block-Out Period for Winner

    • Allow Card Cancellation (X) Days before Collection

    • Maximum Number of Days in each Balloting Slot

    • First Come First Serve after Balloting Period

  • Administration

    • Manage Attractions​
    • Manage Card Templates
    • Manage Cards
    • Manage Email Notification Templates
    • Reporting