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Projects & Our Clients

New Growth
AWBA Group Crop Disease Detection

Leveraging on AI technology, AWBA uses our API Services to offer their farmers the ability to detect crops followed by pests and diseases, so that farmers can apply the right fertilizer and increase the yield of their crops and reduce wastages.

Fish Market
Yangon Region Government Smart Aquaculture

26-July-2019 PleoData signs the MOU with the Yangon Region Government in Myanmar to commence our Smart Aquaculture Project on Microsoft Azure. Our IOT Sensors will measure water levels, water temperature, PH, nitrates, Oxidation Reduction Potential, dissolved oxygen, push the data to the Cloud where we perform analytics and sends notifications to the Fish Farm Owners so that they are able to take the necessary mitigation actions.

Skills Future Singapore Intranet Portal

A full turnkey Intranet Solution in partnership with Intranet Consulting Firm Pebble Road, on SharePoint comprising Intranet Strategy, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Collaboration, Branding, Technology, Governance and Adoption

Singapore Institute of Technology FAQ Chatbot

Leveraging on Azure Cognitive Services and QnA Maker, our solution answers SIT's public facing queries through their website and internal facing users through their O365 SharePoint application. The QnA Management is done on SharePoint with different Departments having access to different domains.

Estee Lauder Corporate Card Balloting App

With additional professional services to integrate with OKTA for Estee Lauder's SSO, we were able to launch the App in less than 6 weeks.

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres

PleoData’s Self-Service Tenant Solution has helped our operations decrease calls and follow-ups which allows our customers and tenants to track all submitted service and visitation requests, booking of resources, maintenance activities, announcements and incidents. One key highlight of the Portal is the integration to the Building Management Systems that provides our customers with a real-time live feed of the environmental readings to ensure performance service levels are met. – Jerry Tan, Operations Manager


Singapore Police Force


Ministry of Trade & Industry


Yangon Region Government


AWBA Group


Singapore Institute of Technology

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Shwe Taung Real Estate


Equinix Singapore


Singapore Turf Club


New Zealand Defence Force 


Estee Lauder Companies

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PCS Security


Jumbo Group of Restaurants

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