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PleoData Image Classifier App

Improve your profitability, increase operational efficiencies by using PleoData’s Image Classification Software powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies. We integrate the latest technologies into Agriculture and Security so that everyone can benefit.

Our software performs diagnostics on a photo image and inform you with a high degree of probability 2 levels of categorization.


Use Case - Agriculture

Our software is first trained to detect the crop followed by predicting the diseases or pests with more than 95% accuracy. This is extremely useful for fertilizer determination and resource management in the fields.

We enable farmers to easily take photos and predict the diseases and pests destroying their crops.

Talk to us to find out how this App is serving more than a hundred thousand farmers in Myanmar. 


Use Case - Criminal Investigation

Our software is able to predict the type of shoe, brand, make & model to assist security agencies in their criminal investigations

Complete with APIs to be used in your applications, our software uses supervised clustering AI methodology to upload, train, test, tag, select and retrain photos and images for you to detect objects with 2 levels of categorization.

Talk to us today and sign up for a Free Trial.

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