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We have made more than 200,000 Enterprise Users lives better with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 
Consulting Services

We are experts in SharePoint Portal consulting and conceptualization, architecting, implementing and supporting user on-boarding.


We enable customers to rapidly respond to evolving market changes and demands by providing a one-stop information consolidation platform.

​Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Technology can maximize your business benefits with

  • Improved distribution of content

  • Quick search results

  • Rapid content retrieval

  • Organization-wide access to up-to-date versions of documents

  • Efficient business processes enabled by collaboration

  • Reduced risk associated with compliance and regulatory mandates

  • Lower operating cost with a unified structure

  • Assured business continuity, with access to content in the event of disruption

To build a successful Intranet, PleoData adheres to the following tenets of a Best Practice Intranet Deployment Methodology.

  1. Intranet Strategy

  2. Information Architecture

  3. Content Strategy

  4. Collaboration

  5. Branding

  6. Technology

  7. Governance

  8. Adoption

Talk to us today and learn more about our SharePoint & Change Management Deployments in Property Groups, Government Bodies, Banks, Universities and Non-Profit Organizations. 

Sectors Case Studies


Digital Workplace

for a University

PleoData designed and implemented a Digital Workplace Integrated Portal providing the University Staffs a fully Configurable, Personalized SharePoint that is Context-Aware and Device Responsive.


A One-Stop Digital Workplace to address the Daily Operations and Business Needs of the Individual Staff.

Bills and Coins

Intranet for a Bank listed on the Stock Exchange

PleoData designed, implemented and on-boarded more than 4,000 users a SharePoint Modern Intranet Solution to provide a One-Stop Employee Forms and Policy Self-Service Portal.

Using SharePoint Social Tools to foster a culture of sharing of ideas and collaboration.


A Government Body Family Extranet

PleoData conducted User Surveys, SharePoint Ideation, Change Management to design, solution and implement a Family Extranet supporting more than 12,000 users.

A Portal that fosters Management and Lateral Communication, easy deployment of Project Templates, Meeting Workspaces, Finding Experts.

What's New on SharePoint

SharePoint Syntex

Knowledge Management, Knowledge Network is now a reality on SharePoint.

Our solution and methodology enables you to harness the knowledge and expertise in your organization. We empower everyone to make more informed decision with better insights. 

In 2020, Microsoft announced Project Cortex that applies advanced AI to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the Apps they use everyday.

Talk to our consultants today to learn more about SharePoint Syntex, Microsoft's very first product from Project Cortex.

Watch the SharePoint Syntex video here.

Pre-Built Beautiful Intranets


Valo Intranet is awarded the Global Intranet Choice, for 2021 by ClearBox Consulting. Valo has previously been awarded this in the North America and Europe Regions but now they are Global.

Valo was selected as a ‘Global’ badge winner for their “well-designed product that provides a clean and consistent intranet experience for employees and admins alike”. Judges said it builds nicely on SharePoint standards while continuing to add value as a well-rounded, mature product.

If your requirement is to deploy a Beautiful SharePoint Intranet rapidly and cost effectively, we highly recommend you to consider Valo Intranet. PleoData is a Certified Partner of Valo in APAC.

Read more about it here.