Why the Urgency & Need for the Payment Gateway API Portal?

  • High demand of Internet and mobile transactions – urgent demand from merchants (especially e-Commerce Merchants)

  • Turn your data into your business revenue

  • Old way of doing things, building a new interface for each system is not financially and technically sustainable

  • New way of doing things, one platform to grow and maintain regardless of changes externally or changes in standards

  • Reduce operational cost SIGNIFICANTLY, maintainability.

What is PleoData-BankGroup Payment Gateway API?

Payment Gateway API is an e-commerce application service that authorizes cash transfers, debit/credit cards and process the payment securely for e-businesses like online shops, online payment services etc.


PD-BankGroup payment gateway is the infrastructure that enables to accept credit cards(MPU, VISA, MASTER, JCB & etc) and electronic payments from websites, Chatbots, terminals or mobile devices to make

transactions between Merchants and Customers.