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Valo Entrance
Microsoft 365 Easy & Secure External User Access Management
Manage external guests access on a single-view dashboard and enable an effortless self-registration experience.
  • Easily connect the external users with selected resources
  • Self-Service registration makes it easy to provide access to large groups of external guests (Your vendors, suppliers, partners).
  • Secure B2B Collaboration
  • External Project Management
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Valo Intranet

You Won't Want To Miss This! More than 3 million users are using Valo to make their lives better.

Hear directly from them.

All the most popular intranet features in one package with a beautiful user experience leveraging modern SharePoint as a platform.

We partner with Valo, an award-winning intranet platform, to offer you the best digital workplace experience on SharePoint.

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Valo Teamwork

Find and manage your Office 365 Groups, Team Sites and Collaboration Tools.

- Teamwork Dashboard to find your Groups, Documents and Discussions

- Find your Groups, Documents

- Approvals for Teams, Groups and Sites Creation

- Life Management

- Team, Group and Site Templates

- Standard & Enterprise Metadata

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Valo Connect

Consolidate all digital workplace tools and business applications into a single location. Provide a great user experience for your employees.

- Bring any part of your digital workplace within Microsoft Teams

- Provide easy access to your most important applications

- A personalized dashboard for every employee

- Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with effective Enterprise Search

- Bring your people Directory in Teams

- Easy administration of tabs to create direct access to what's most important

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Valo Ideas

Collect, discuss, nurture and manage ideas directly from the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

- Create ideas directly in Teams

- Discuss and Like ideas

- Idea Lifecycle

- Create your own campaigns

- Statistics Dashboard