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Valo LUX-tablet on yellow desk.jpg

Why Valo Intranet?

An easy to deploy digital workplace that connects teams

Valo Intranet was designed to solve 3 problems on SharePoint

1. Building a usable Intranet takes a long time and is expensive

2. Users still struggle to look for relevant content

3. Connecting with colleagues and building a culture is still an uphill task

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Framework with Valo Intranet

Award Winning Intranet Platform Customer Stories

Best in Class Features

Valo Intranet Extensible Search

+ Advanced Filtering Capabilities

  • Custom Properties

+ Search Result Display Templates to freely design how search results are shown

+ Search Hub to search across all the Intranet

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PleoData Valo Intranet - People Director

Valo Intranet People Directory

+ Built-In People Directory

+ Configurable Properties to be shown inside the People Cards

+ Allows you to configure filters at the top


+ Allows you to search from a page inside the Intranet

+ Hover over the Profile Picture to chat in Teams

Valo Intranet Organization Chart

+ Unlike SharePoint Out of the Box which a starting point is always needed, Valo allows the starting point to be a defined person or a currently logged in user

+ Org Chart allows Intranet Branding

+ Integrates with Valo Internal Job Board to promote internal Job Postings

+ Integrates with Teams presence status

Valo Intranet - Org Chart.png

Valo Intranet News

+ News/Pages Template centrally managed and available in the whole tenant

+ Content Creation anywhere in the whole Intranet (Site Selection Auto Security Trimmed)

+ Mandatory/Optional Properties entered directly in the Page Creation Process (E.g. setting Expiration Date!)

Valo Intranet Content Targeting

+ Targeting done dynamically by matching properties on the news/page with properties from the users' profile

+ IT Involvement is not needed to create Groups as information is already in the Users' SharePoint Online User Profile

Valo Intranet - Content Targetting.png
PleoData Valo Intranet - Events Hub.png

Valo Intranet Events

+ All your events in One Location

+ Filters to quickly find information

+ Displays both one-time and recurring Events on a page

+ Able to show event cover image and description

+ Brandable to match the rest of the Intranet