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Workflows and Forms using Power Automate

Workflows free up a lot of employees' time and bring structure to approval and business processes automation. Mobile forms enable your mobile workforce to get things done easily, even when they are on the move.

Office 365 and SharePoint provides a myriad of options for us to build workflows and forms, from Out-Of-The-Box to SharePoint Designer to Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Microsoft Forms, we are not short of tools.

However, most workflows do not work seamlessly because work processes and ownership are not clear.

Consider a Procurement Requisition Workflow,

  1. Is it the same Procurement Manager approving requests or different managers based on the cost center?

  2. What will be the logic for different Procurement Managers approving the request?

  3. What happens if the Procurement Manager rejects a request – will the user need to resubmit or create a new request?

  4. What happens if the Procurement Manager is on vacation – do we want to re-route/escalate the request to another manager or wait?

  5. What happens if the Procurement Manager forgets to approve a request – do we want to send reminder emails? If so, how often?

  6. Do you want to capture approval or rejection comments?

Talk to us today and embrace our best practices in workflows automation and forms digitization. Our consultants will advise you on the best tool to use based on your requirements and user contexts.

Digital Signature with Docusign into SharePoint
  • Securely send, sign and track document approvals from SharePoint libraries

  • Manage all your signatures in one place

  • Collaborate faster and better with e-signatures

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