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Data Centre Facilities, Operations and Service Management Software-as-a-Service delivered to you over Microsoft Azure.

NEW Generative AI-Powered Knowledge Bot

Find out how PleoService can help you comply with the ISO20000 standard,

Deliver a Rapid Service Response to Your Customers or Tenants via our Self-Service Portal.

Fully Integrated with PleoMaintenance for Maintenance and Repair Work Orders Automation

This is also available from the Microsoft App Store.

Fixing Electricity Lines


A Computerized Maintenance Management and Asset System (CMMS)

NEW Engineering Assist AI Chatbot

Reduce downtime

View your assets 360

Tech Refresh Planning

Asset Condition

Asset Lifecycle

Measure Operational Excellence

Measure Assets Performance

Predictive Maintenance

This is also available from the Microsoft App Store.

Revolutionize your facilities management with PleoMaintenance to streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce downtime and stay ahead of issues.

Business Apps & Workflow Automation Solutions

We specialize in Microsoft SharePoint Portal & Microsoft PowerApps, PowerPage consulting, conceptualization, architecting, implementing, migration and upgrades, leading to efficient Data Ingestion for Business Analytics purposes.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, agility and innovation are paramount. Microsoft PowerApps, now infused with the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerges as a game-changer, propelling businesses into a realm of unprecedented efficiency and growth.

Data & Analytics Solutions

A data analytics company specializing in data ingestion from different data sources including automation of inputs from 3rd parties. 

We specialize in Data Ingestion, Data Warehousing and Data Analytics. We use Microsoft Cloud Scale Analytics and Power BI. We enable businesses to maximize the value of your data assets and equip their citizen developers.
We design, build scalable data models, clean and transform data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide actionable business insights.
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ChatGPT on your Enterprise Data

Talk to us today and find out how you can harness Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service on your data and harvest valuable customer insights, monetize your data, and gain deep industry and competitor insights.

Email us for an evaluation of a free trial at


PleoData, headquartered in Singapore, delivers secure business solutions for enterprises to increase revenues, efficiencies, improve performance, and build competitive advantage.

We only have ONE goal. We want to make your lives better..

We provide the scalability and flexibility to meet today's business challenges, while empowering enterprises for even greater success tomorrow.

We are ISO27001 Certified and an Approved Singapore Government Supplier.

We are also a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the fields of Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation.

More than 100,000 users trust PleoData to make their lives better with our software.

Contact Us to find out more.


To design and build software that better lives


To deliver sustainable solutions through our relentless pursuit of understanding our customers, employing right technologies, best practice usability and enterprise experience.

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