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To Data Warehouse or To Not Data Warehouse

Updated: Mar 13

To Not Data Warehouse - Connect Your PowerBI and Build Reports

  • Excellent for speedy simple reports

  • Great for small parallel data sets where different reports development is required

  • Complex reports are expensive to build from different data sources. There is impact on data refresh and reporting performance

  • Time saved initially will be spent in repeated testing as everything needs to be tested in a new dataset when there are new data points

  • Multiple versions of the truths across multiple datasets can cause user frustrations as different insights will be presented

To Data Warehouse - Connect Your PowerBI to an Integrated Data Warehouse to Build Reports

  • Simplifies the complexity and number of PowerBI datasets. Measures are pre-calculated and not done at run time

  • Reduces load on PowerBI Service and refresh failures are reduced

  • Able to support time-based analysis with changing dimensions (Example, what was this part's name 2 years ago and did its category change over time?)

  • Single version of truth

  • Adding new data points and new data sources is easy


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